Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Xmas gift

Buddy of mine plays lots of Arcane Dwarven Spellcasters in D&D/Pathfinder

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hard Asleep

Had an idea to do a short with Guy having hot'n bothered dreams about Kyle :-D


Doodled some ideas for another story I have in mind involving cops, edgy sex, and fantasy sword 'n sorcery worlds. Working title 'Dog'.

The redhead's face is borrowed from Logan, so I can't take the credit there. I just liked it and sketched it in for practice. I'm also fooling around w/ CMYK color.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random stuff

So, Geoff Johns is gay. That is awesome. I wonder if there is a secret stash of homo erotic art by him. (Edit: Wait info was wrong. Geoff aint gay, he's just very cool and supportive. Love ya anyhow Goeff!)

Three way with Brock Hart and Dakota Phillips. *drool*

Three way with Michael Chiklis and Greg Grunberg. *DROOL*

Why the hell doesn't Class Comics carry (and possibly do Japanese to English translations of) some of the hotter Japanese Bara (check out
Why can't reality be more like a Seizou Ebushi Manga?

I am HIGHLY distracted by the extreme hotness of some of my straight friends lately. On of them has the ass of the gods. I remain appropriate with them at all times (because really, nothin's gonna happen. I should just be grateful they're straight (and cool) and not a real temptation.)

Logan Kowalsky is my hero. 'Super Hero' in fact. I could probably die happy if he did some drawings using Green lantern Guy Gardner (duh).

I wonder what Derek Poundstone's 'O Face' looks like.

I wish gay (for pay?) porn star Mark Slade:

A:Would take it up the ass.
B:Could act his way out of a paper bg.
C: Would take it up the ass from me.

It's probably obvious, but my libido id on overdrive today. (Edit: It's not helping that I keep looking at pictures of Bo Dean and Dak Ramsey goin at it)

More pictures to be uploaded soon! So wish I had a commercial scale scanner.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Guy 'n Paul porn. Took an older darwing and used it to practice inking and then scanned it and fucked around with it in Photoshop

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guy Gardener and Kyle Rayner - ala 1940's Noir

Guy Gardner - Private Eye

Had a recent obsession with the idea of placing the GL cast in a 1930s/1940s Noir Detective Story.

Monday, September 20, 2010


OK I want to see THIS porno....

Derek Poundstone posted this picture while in South Africa with his buff buddies on some sort of power lifting expo/tour.

So damn hot....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent sketch! Thought I'd have Guy show off his ass for you. He looks a little pissed about it, but it's not up to him ;)

Used a photo as a drawing reference and beefed up the body and invented the head/face.
I'll ink it and clean it up later then attempt color.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inking artist I've just started following...

Inking Studies Series: DC3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guy Gardner continues to have his ass taken by Major Disaster ;)

Worked up a pencil drawing, inked it, scanned it and then screwed with it in photoshop. I've got MILES to go, especially when it comes to clean inking lines, but at least I'm havin fun ;)

I've got a few other story ideas I keep meaning to draw. In fact I've nearly filled up a sketchbook in the last month or so, I've just been a slacker about posting them.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OK, so not my typical 'check out the latest homoerotic doodle I did' post, but this is worthy post (IMO at least). Besides, he's hitting my hunky redhead fetish HARD.

Sgt. Aaron Melcher (aka 'BigRob') is the soldier in Afghanistan that put together that fun (and hot) Lady Gaga 'Telephone' spoof video to cheer up friends and family over there and back here in the states.

As much fun as it is to dream about him batting for my team (and trust me, Aaron and I have done some hot stuff in my fantasy life), I'm actually very glad to know he's a married straight boy. We need more straight guys like him in the world (both in and out of the service), especially in the USA. He and his buddies are not hung up on stereotypes and feel confident enough in who they are to put on fun romps like these. I'm also glad that their superiors didn't freak out and ended up being supportive of the moral boosting benefit the video had on soldiers over there.

So you go Aaron! Your wife has impeccable taste.

....and I'd REALLY like to get you into a Guy Gardner outfit ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shaolin Monkies

Doodle from my head ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

That other project I mentioned near the beginning of this bog...

Shot of a rough of Guy flying through space (or it will be)

scanned the Paul Booker and Guy Gardner drawing I snapped a pic of w/ my Ipone earlier. Messed with it some in Photoshop.

Sketch of a hunky cop's ass basically. Used a picture taken by 'BullNeck' a friend of mine who has a gift for snapping pics of cop meat ;)

Aping the style of the awesome Logan Kowalsky of '' I REALLY like his style, so I played around with it on a sketch of an idea involving a rookie cop who's checking out reports of a disturbance at an old abandoned house the edge of town, only to find that members of the force set him up to get ambushed and gangbanged...
Upload time! Uploading a bunch of sketches from my sketch books and I've come to find one of my books are MIA. I'm pissed. Had LOTS of good stuff there. Hopefully I'll find it. But for now....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Doodling while working a crapolla Saturday shift...

Stuck at work today. Brought my sketch book in. Thought I'd doodle some 'cover page' ideas for the naughty comic book idea. It's a doodle but I like what it's turning into.
I used a pic of Derek Poundstone as a pose reference for Guy.

Took a pic of the drawing w/ my Iphone, emailed it to myself so i could post it, so its even crappier that it might be, not that it matters much. This is pretty rough.

Poor Guy, I'm being influenced by Gengeroh Tagame (the more tame stuff at least, there will be no blood or injury here). His ass is in trouble...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Guy loves cock

Not happy with the face. Gotta rework that. Trying to be consistant with how I draw Guy in this

Some of the story has to involve characterization after all..

Sneak peek on Guy Gardner's predicament...

Scanned from the sketchbook. Even though this is a VERY rough sketch (like the feet needing to be bigger for instance) I really don't like how the image looks scanned compared to the actual sketch, but who cares? This post is mostly to prove that I'm not just talk ;)
Much more to come....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Major Disaster Fucks Guy Gardner up the Ass....allot

I've been drawing and trying to figure out the inking thing.
The inking part is interesting and definitely a learning process. Previously I tried doing it completely with brushes, but now I'm thinking that pen should be added in. Getting those lines in a single stroke is key too. The multiple stroke 'sketching' method I default to ain't gonna cut it here.

There is a superhero comic project I've had cooking inj my brain for a long while now. I've started putting together character studies of the main characters and they're looking good. One of the challenges I'm going to hit is drawing woman. I don't have alot of practice at that (drawing Jean Grey /Phoenix in Junior High doesn't count). I actually suspect it will be a boon, since I'll have less preconceptions to get past...maybe. I'm sure boobs will be a hurdle, since I don't eye those allot ;)

As a side note I have a side project that I'm using to practice technique. It involves Green Lantern: Guy Gardner and Major Disaster fucking each other's brains out. Like a 'good' porno however, sex scenes should be supported by some story tension. It makes it hotter in my view. Two muscle guys banging each other is MUCH hotter when one of them is 'under arrest' or 'working out a deal to pay rent', etc...
So it is with the story I'm cooking up. DC's recent 'Darkest Night' story introduced the other lanterns and their color. It turns out the Violet Lanterns are all about 'love' and tend to be overly obsessed or overwhelmed by their bailiwick to the point of being irrational. I found some potential story there, coupled with a dream I recently had. The result is this:

Plot idea: Guy Gardner and Paul Booker (Major Disaster) are on a mission to track down a Rouge Violet Lantern that the Zamorans (the Gaurdians of the Violet Lanterns) say has become 'unbalanced' (even for them). Paul and Guy have lots of friction with each other, the reasons for not liking each other being indistinct and uncertain. Without specifics, they cite qualities about each other that bug them, qualities they share.
So back to the Violet Lantern. Circumstances collide to have Guy being forced to surrender his ring to the rouge Violet lantern (Booker gets held hostage or something). The guys are now the Violet L's prisoner. The guys are counting on a beacon or some other contrivance to bring the cavalry in later and are just biding their time for now. To Guy's shock and terror, the Violet Lantern reveals that his ring has looked into their hearts and that he feels it to be his calling to 'lay bare' the Lust inside them (Lust being a warped cousin of Love that the rest of the violets focus on). Guy is suddenly being stripped naked by violet hentai looking tendrils, protesting vainly. Booker meanwhile has been placed under a trace and is under the full sway of the Violet power, while the Violet Lantern undresses him. Guy's training as a Green Lantern affords him the Will to resist mentally (although his body remains responsive and 'aroused'). At this point Paul is directed to have sex with Guy. Guy protests loudly and in panic. He's powerless to resists (energy restraints, etc) but you get lines like "! Booker Stop! No! DON'T FUCK ME!!" twisted BDSM Rape Fantasy stuff like that.

The Violet Lantern of course plays voyeur and spectator during the ample sex scenes. (I'm a butt man and hold a special lust for Red Heads, so Guy is going to get fucked ALLOT.) What he reveals is that his ring 'only has the power over them, THAT THEY GIVE HIM', he can't create what isn't there to begin with. What he's getting to is that somewhere deep inside, both Guy and Paul want each other sexually. Part of this is to make it all the more dirty/titillating, knowing that deep inside 'they wanted it'. Guy's exertion of Willpower to deny what his body wants is cited as an example of how he's lived his life. The hardboiled womanizing redneck jerk motif he's known for isn't who he really is. It's just the shell he presents to the world and has convince everyone,himself included, that this is who he is. In fact it is not (and even in DC comics we see that he started out as a kind and mild mannered true-hearted teacher before the sudden personality change he demonstrated in the 80s). Basically I'm interpreting Guy Gardner as the stereotypicall 'hyper-masculine' closet case that makes a show of drinking, fighting and 'liking boobs' but secretly craves cock and just needs a daddy to dominate him. The Violet Lantern sees that Guy is denying himself and that his Willpower has become a handicap as he stays resolutely closeted (even to himself). The Violet Lantern sees himself as doing a favor to the guys, as twisted as the execution of said 'favor' is.

Paul Booker is actually a very similar character. Starting off as a goofy 80s villain, he was later redeemed by Superman and became a JLA member (with a MUCH better costume). Throughout, he's showcased a 'hardened ex-con' redneck, boozing, womanizing bravado...much like Guy has. In the comics, Paul retires from the hero biz after confronting the fact that he is an alcoholic (a great character piece btw). I want to take this theme further. Paul has since then come to terms with allot about himself (and comming back to the JLA was a way to face some of his stuff and own his life again). He has come to realize his drinking was a way to deal with all the things he didn't like or feared about himself. It turns out that him being attracted to men is one of those things.

Now Paul has come allot closer to dealing with the fact that he 'might' be gay or bisexual. It's not anything he's told anyone about, but he's been coming close to prior to the mission. Having been so close to facing this truth, he's much more susceptible to the Violet Ring's power to evoke his hidden love/lust and give them sway over his actions and thoughts. It turns out that Paul's dislike for Guy is a mix of seeing things in Guy that he finds in himself (and has shame for) and that he is so freaking turned on by the muscly redhead (even if he hasn't admitted it to himself).

In the end, it's made known to Guy the in 'Love', victory is surrender. So the only way that Guy can get out of this ass pounding/ cock sucking marathon is to 'surrender' to the lust the Violet Power has dug up in him. Once he does, Guy gets to top Paul (who LOOOOVEEES it..shamefully ;) ) ALLOT. In a sweaty puddle of post-coitis, the guys wake up naked an free willed. The Rough Violet Lantern is waiting to be taken back to the Zamorons.

In a possible epilogue narration by the Zamorans, they will comment that the Rouge Violet Lanterns insight was accurate but it was regrettable that his madness drove him to use such methods. So we get a narrative admission that 'rape is wrong' while also leaving Guy and Paul with the fact that 'deep down they LUUUUUVED it' and that they have an undeniable lust for each other. Where do they go with this now?

A possible follow up story I think would first deal with the guilt and shame of the forced sex between them as they figure out if there is anything possible between them. I figure Guy would have run right back into the closet or at least a strong bastion of anger and denial, leaving Paul to be the one to try to make things right between them and as individuals. Lots of story potential there i think, along with lots of sex scene potential as well :)

...I'm so going to DC Comics hell for this ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Been super ill lately so no work being done. Here is my next challenge though: simplify.

I need to streamline all those modeling and 'sketching' marks into single lines, each with a purpose. Line wieght will be watched and considered as well.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Amateur Bara

First image!

Well this is the VERY amateur attempt with me messing around with a sketch that I scanned and then messed about with in Illustrator and then Photoshop. Damn I got allot to learn about this technology. This is super clunky but it's fun learning...

This guy is going to feature in a comic book recounting of a very memorable set of trysts from my past :-D

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Post

OK I've had this account for a bit and have done NADDA with it...except use it as a way to follow other blogspot accounts.

Now however an artists I very much admire has an account and is actually doing art and posting it there, so I feel the ante being raised.

My intention is to use this blog to feature artwork of mine as I create it.
FAIR WARNING: While lots of my artwork is non-erotic in nature, this site will be where I put up the homo-erotic stuff I do. It's my hope to make it the place where I post roughs for Bara homo-erotic comics books projects I have in mind.

..wait. You DON'T know what 'Bara' is???

Hubba Hubba:

Right now I'm getting a room in our house organized enough so i can use it as a drawing studio.
I plan on getting a MacBook since my father in law SuperStoked me with an Intuos 4 Graphic pad (Holy Crap! Wow!) . Since my current PC is a crashing peice of crap, I decided my next computer should be designed for graphics.

The drafting table needs some work before it's really usable. I may need some insight in making it workable. Right now I have a massive surface a buddy of mine rescued from a closing Architecture Firm and I've attached the guides, but it's sitting on two saw horse and I still need to figure out how I want to elevate/lower the back so it can be at the proper incline (and not slide forward and pulp me in half ;) ).

Anyhow, the project proceeds.