Friday, November 19, 2010

Random stuff

So, Geoff Johns is gay. That is awesome. I wonder if there is a secret stash of homo erotic art by him. (Edit: Wait info was wrong. Geoff aint gay, he's just very cool and supportive. Love ya anyhow Goeff!)

Three way with Brock Hart and Dakota Phillips. *drool*

Three way with Michael Chiklis and Greg Grunberg. *DROOL*

Why the hell doesn't Class Comics carry (and possibly do Japanese to English translations of) some of the hotter Japanese Bara (check out
Why can't reality be more like a Seizou Ebushi Manga?

I am HIGHLY distracted by the extreme hotness of some of my straight friends lately. On of them has the ass of the gods. I remain appropriate with them at all times (because really, nothin's gonna happen. I should just be grateful they're straight (and cool) and not a real temptation.)

Logan Kowalsky is my hero. 'Super Hero' in fact. I could probably die happy if he did some drawings using Green lantern Guy Gardner (duh).

I wonder what Derek Poundstone's 'O Face' looks like.

I wish gay (for pay?) porn star Mark Slade:

A:Would take it up the ass.
B:Could act his way out of a paper bg.
C: Would take it up the ass from me.

It's probably obvious, but my libido id on overdrive today. (Edit: It's not helping that I keep looking at pictures of Bo Dean and Dak Ramsey goin at it)

More pictures to be uploaded soon! So wish I had a commercial scale scanner.

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