Tuesday, June 8, 2010


OK, so not my typical 'check out the latest homoerotic doodle I did' post, but this is worthy post (IMO at least). Besides, he's hitting my hunky redhead fetish HARD.

Sgt. Aaron Melcher (aka 'BigRob') is the soldier in Afghanistan that put together that fun (and hot) Lady Gaga 'Telephone' spoof video to cheer up friends and family over there and back here in the states.

As much fun as it is to dream about him batting for my team (and trust me, Aaron and I have done some hot stuff in my fantasy life), I'm actually very glad to know he's a married straight boy. We need more straight guys like him in the world (both in and out of the service), especially in the USA. He and his buddies are not hung up on stereotypes and feel confident enough in who they are to put on fun romps like these. I'm also glad that their superiors didn't freak out and ended up being supportive of the moral boosting benefit the video had on soldiers over there.

So you go Aaron! Your wife has impeccable taste.

....and I'd REALLY like to get you into a Guy Gardner outfit ;)